Our Services

At Waincare Limited  we provide a range of high-quality domiciliary care services, our area of specialty is Personal care. We provide professional care and support that is flexible and responsible to your needs. Our  full range of domiciliary care services are tailored to your individual needs but remain flexible and affordable.   

Good hygiene and appearance boosts self confidence and we aim to  help you ensure you are your best self. We aim to provide compassionate care services that  help you retain your dignity, privacy and independence. We always treat our clients with consideration and respect, enabling them to take part in all decisions regarding care and treatment.

We will listen to you and provide you with a care plan that best meets your needs. Whether you require assistance with daily tasks or emotional support, we can help.

Our services provide practical support and day-to-day human contact to individuals in vulnerable situations, enabling them to stay independent in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Personal Care

At Waincare our expertly trained carers can provide sensitive and respectful personal care focused on ensuring dignity and independence, in the familiar surroundings of your own home.  Our highly personalised care plan will capture all your needs and particular preferences.

 We will provide you with a well-matched carer who will truly get to know you to understand your personal choices, preferences and desired routines. Our carers will encourage you to remain as independent as you can, whilst providing the gentle encouragement and dignified support you need to keep on top of your personal care.

Live-in care

Live in care in the comfort of your home

If your loved one is in need of 24-hour care our live-in care service is the best option. Our services enable your loved one to receive professional support in an environment familiar to them, allowing them to maintain independence and dignity.  

Our carers are trained in all aspects of personal care. Our live-in care plan includes personal care and practical care:

Waincare is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, so you can be assured your loved ones are in safe hands.

Palliative care

At Waincare we understand the difficulty of caring for someone with a terminal illness, with our palliative services we ensure each person is treated with respect and dignity. We aim to improve the quality of life of your loved ones during  their golden years.

Palliative care is provided when an individual has a progressive illness or terminal condition.  

Palliative care caters to the physical, emotional, psychological and social needs of the individual. It can be provided together alongside other treatments and therapies. We do our best to listen to you and your family members, making sure you remain optimistic throughout the treatment

Our team of professionals offer ongoing support and care for the patient and families, aiming to improve the  individuals quality of life. Palliative care can be provided at your home, care home or hospital.

Night care (Sleeping and waking nights)

Night Care at home is an essential part of our offering at Waincare. Our dedicated team of people work through the night, so that our clients feel and remain well supported and cared for whatever the time.

Sleeping Night

The care assistant sleeps at the property and is on hand if required. This option will suit if you don’t require regular support, but feel uncomfortable when left alone throughout the night. Anxieties and sleep deprivation can soon be improved with a sleeping night care professional there to support you. Having that extra night care at home can really help you remain healthy and happy. If assistance is needed more than twice during the night, this will be considered a waking night.

Waking Night

The care professional is on duty throughout the night for. This is the best support option if you or a loved one wakes several times perhaps being disorientated or needing to go to the bathroom. If you wake at regular intervals during the night to change position due to injury, or if you have to administer medication at regular intervals, this is likely to be the best choice for you.

The waking night care professional is there at your side as and when you need them for the duration of the night, providing a high level of expert support.

Companion care

At Waincare our companionship care provides support for those who are isolated and lonely, but still healthy and happy to remain in their own home.  Our Companionship care services are designed to meet your specific needs and is personal to each individual. We aim to match you with the ideal carer for you.  Our companionship team  aims to work with you to help reduce or prevent loneliness in an elderly person who might otherwise become isolated.

We can also offer support with day to day tasks.

Hospital discharge services

Helping you get back on your feet

If you have been discharged from hospital we can help you make the transition from hospital to home with ease.

We provide hospital discharge services in your own home to prevent unnecessary admission or readmission to hospitals, nursing homes, or residential care homes.

Our team can provide a support plan which will allow you to regain your confidence and independence.